Rolex Yachtmaster a better then Submariner?

When there’s a need for sports activities along with accurate timekeeping, Rolex is the name that would almost always echo in your mind. With divingexplorationtraveling, and racing already sorted, it wasn’t until early 90s that Rolex unveiled the watch dedicated for nautical lifestyle. 1992 marked the birth of the first nautical model from Rolex called “Yachtmaster” offered in full 18 karat gold and with the same movement as the Submariner


The 1999 introduced the steel and platinum version offered by Rolex called Rolesium. And then 2012 unveiled with six-digit Rolesium version with upgraded clasp and bezel. So was it just another Submariner?


Rolex Yachtmaster Rolesium

Yacht-master has always been considered to have similar looks as Submariner and this is arguably what Rolex was trying to do when they came up with this reference. The original release of yacht-master, dating back to 90s was not too late after the quartz crisis had hit the market and when the concept of luxury steel watches was introduced in fine watchmaking.

Rolex has never been a luxury watch brand, rather they have always been a manufacturer that mass-produces good tool watches that were always made to do the job and offer the function they were built for, and they have never failed in delivering the function accurately and in the most extreme environments.

Although times have changed now and with current prices on Rolex, many consider them as a luxury watch brand, but deep inside their flesh and finish they are still good watches and really just very good tool watches so amid the concept of luxury watches, Rolex was producing professional sports watches and wanted to up the game without changing or disrupting the current line which was already very successful due to the function, water resistance, time accuracy and sporty characteristics it offered.


Rolex wanted to step into the luxury side of watches.

It made sense to add a luxurious product and a precious metal into a design that had stood the test of time, so it potentially receives a relatively easy acceptance from a wider audience. So Rolex decided to use the same Submariner design but change the watch enough to make it a new reference, and yet offer it in a more luxurious form and an upper-tier watch.

The best thing about Rolex watches is that they are not only a figure of decoration but they also always do the job they are made for, and this meant that Rolex didn’t just redesign the Submariner looks rather they considered the functions required for sea surfing as opposed to diving functions of Submariner.

For Yacht related activities there, was no more requirement for water resistance to remain at 300 meters like a Submariner and therefore the Yachtmaster came with 100 meters of water resistance. The unidirectional bezel is also a requirement purely for diving and with those intents aside, and then factoring in the sea surfing requirements the watch came with bi-directional rotating bezel.

To complement the luxurious correctness of the watch, the bezel comes with beautiful three-dimensional printing and in the precious metal of platinum.


Rolex Yachtmaster printed bezel

The sandblasted finish of the bezel base with highly polished numerals on one end give that high-end look to the watch but on the other, reduces the overall presence due to the lack of the contrast from the watch case and the bracelet so it’s far less in-your-face due to smaller case appearance.

One very clear design character of Yachtmaster is the legibility to enhance the time reading function in extreme conditions and to deliver it, the watch comes with bigger hour markers and wider hands with greater luminescent material filled in them.


The hour markers under the macro show a decent amount of finish and equality aligns with the standard you would expect from this high-end Rolex offering. The blue text for yacht-master along with the blue second hand is one aspect people love about this watch. You have to see it in person to realize how much the text and seconds hand pop out to improve the watch experience. The quality of the text on the dial is also top-notch and has no issue we could spot or highlight under the macro. The dial is where the watch steals the show with those sunburst lines that are absolutely spectacular.

The way the dial plays with the light is truly mesmerizing and the rhodium color along with the sunburst finish does make the watch overall very interesting and unique in all different lighting with how it plays with the light depending upon the dial angle to the light source.

The finish and polishing on the hands is as expected, on par with the standard Yachtmaster comes with and the joint for the hands also passes our test for attention to detail, with the exception for painting, and you can see on the image below, the borders of the paint show slack workmanship but this isn’t the worst we have seen in a Rolex.

The watch comes with beautifully polished center links and brushed side links on the bracelet. The bracelet finish seems to be similar to the one on GMTs or Datejust. Overall it’s an impressive level of detail if we compare this with other Rolex models.

Before you get too excited, just to confirm that the undersides of the hands, unfortunately, are still not polished or even machined. It’s not surprising though as we have never seen a Rolex that has had the undersides polished but we do hope to see one someday soon.

On the wrist the watch feels far smaller than you would expect, knowing that it was a 40-millimeter case watch. It’s easy to believe without trying this watch on the wrist that it would be the same as the Rolex Submariner, but as we covered in our other articles, the case size is not always the best criteria of choosing the watch that will fit your wrist.

This watch feels far smaller than Rolex Submariner while it still shares the same case size of 40 millimeters. The lug to lug of this watch is 47.5 millimeter and lug width is also modest 2.5 millimeter only.

Then the watch comes with all polished cases to complement the smaller and luxurious looks.

So this watch is something between Rolex five-digit 40 millimeter watches and the current Rolex six-digit 40-millimeter ceramic watches with the maxi cases. It comes with polished center links and flip-lock clasp with no quick micro-adjustments on the go, but the clasp does come with a five-millimeter extension link to sweeten the experience.

If you wanted to buy a Rolex Submariner on 40-millimeter care size but was put off by the larger maxi case and only wanted something slightly smaller to contour perfectly on your wrist, we can pretty much guarantee you this watch would be your answer.

Rolex Yacht-master is truly a watch for you if you lived a Rolex Submariner but always found it a little too basic with all-steel looks or maybe although you love the design and looks but found the 49-millimeter lug to lug and maxi case as too big or too angular. Or even if you wanted the actual Submariner but always thought how good it would have been if the bezel was bi-directional and even if you had or still have Submariner but wanted to step up the game and enjoy the same looks and design, but add a touch of luxury with precious metal and polished looks, Yachtmaster will be the only watch to take all the boxes and bring you the smile.

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Rolex movement

The signs of a man’s success include a virtuous wife, a luxury sports car, and a Rolex watch.

Why did I choose Rolex over other Swiss brands?

This article discusses why we should choose replica Rolex watches.



Rolex watches have always been durable in all watch brands. Its sports watches, such as Daytona, GMT Master, Explorer have very good waterproof and anti-collision functions. The hottest Submariner has better performance. If you normally wear a Rolex watch, this replica Rolex watch will have a life span of 30-50 years. In fact, the older generations rarely watch and do n’t even know how to maintain them, but Rolex on their wrists generally have less problems within 50 years.


Easy To Maintain

One department to be mentioned here is the “Rolex Service Center”. General luxury replica watch brands have only set up watch service centers in some developed countries. But Rolex’s Service Centers are spread across the globe. So, no matter where you are, you can find a professional “Rolex Service Center”. Whether you want to repair a watch, maintain a watch, or tell the fake or replica watches, you can do these things in this department.



The price of each Rolex watch is stable. And many watches will appreciate. However, many Swiss or German watch brands often have 40% off discounts. The price of Rolex watches has not been discounted. And the case of Rolex watches generally does not change much. Therefore, replica Rolex watches not only maintain value but also have strong market liquidity. For example, the price of replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV in 2014 was $ 34,000. But today’s price is $ 46,000. There are also GMT-Masters in 2017, etc. are all good investment options.

If you buy a watch for investment, not every Rolex watch is worth buying. Referring to the current market law, you need to choose stainless steel sports watches, the hottest watches.


Returning Your Watch Is Easy

“Return” in the title is not to return the watch you bought to Rolex. This is important for customers who are buying Rolex for the first time. People who are new to the watch industry are generally not clear about their purpose. When they buy the watch home, they may regret buying it. Don’t worry, second-hand Rolex watches also sell well. Other brands of watches generally have a 30% discount on second-hand prices. But Rolex can be sold without reducing the price too much. There are even some second-hand Rolex watches that can be sold at higher prices. If you don’t want to lose too much money, then Rolex watches are the best choice.

Reliability and dignity. Now, Rolex has a high status and reputation, including reasons for its high quality. Rolex does not produce very complicated watches, you will find that the functions of Rolex watches are very useful. Rolex is a brand that totally relies on itself. So if you need to replace parts, you don’t have to wait long. And it has a unique investment value.


Noob factory is probably the most famous factory among others, they start a very long time ago and really developing their piece of replica. Noob is the master of Rolex model, especially Submariner, GMT master II, Deepsea, datejust and recently the just made a new version of Day-date, Daytona, and Yacht Master. Some of those flagship are really good with super-clone SA3135 movement, and they called it as V7 and now V8 with 904L steel. Besides Rolex, Noob also developing some brands like some Planet Ocean Omega, Blancpain, some Audemars Piguet models, and some Panerai model.

JF Factory watches/ JF /J FACTORY / J12 FACTORY

When you see a bunch of the best Audemars Piguet replica, you must go to this maker. Almost all models of Audemars Piguet was made perfectly better by JF factory compare to other factories. 15400, 15450, 15703 and almost AP models are perfect with this factory. Another flagship from this factory is Rolex Daytona and Yacht-master model with super clone movement. These rolex models you can not really compare who is better when compare to Noob, both factories made this Daytona and Yacht-Master perfectly. JF was the first to use a decorated Yuki3135 movements called SH3135 in their Rolex. Their 5-digit sub 16610LN and 16610LV (Kermit) are considered some of the best-out-of-the-box reps. Besides, JF also make some Breitling, Cartier, and some Longines models.

BP factory watches / BP / BP MAKER / BP FACTORY

This factory has been around the replica industry since the beginning. They have the best and most accurate Rolex Day-date II , Datejust 41mm at lower cost with Asian Mingzhu automatic movements, also available with upgraded movement.

AR factory watches / ARF / AR FACTORY

Some people said that ARF is actually another division of J Factory who specialized on making some perfect Rolex watches on some particular models such as Daytona, Submariner and Datejust. It is probably right, however that is not the point. The point is most probably this factory is the best factory on making Daytona series, perfect build, perfect details, with real 904L stainless steel material as genuine it is. In fact, I did some review on ARF build, and those are perfect. This factory is not focusing on the movement looks perfection, they rather use general good movement to support their perfect build, which is makes more sense instead of having perfect looks movement with low reliability in the future. The disadvantage is their Daytona 4130 movement watches have fake 3 and 9 o’clock sub-dials. Except that, everything else is perfect. We found another disadvantage on the AR factory Submariner, Deepsea and Yachtmaster. The watch date can only be set between 12-6. If you are having problem adjust the date. Please try set the date between 12-6 o’clock. 

ZF factory watches / ZF / Z FACTORY

Nowadays, this factory are really mastering on some Tudor and IWC Schaffhausen models. There are some flagship of IWC and Tudor from this factory such as Tudor Pelagos, Black Bay, Fast Rider, also IWC Portuguese model with perfectly well made. Z factory also make some other brands like Bell & Ross (flagship : BR 03/92), Jaeger Le-Coultre, and some Panerai models. This factory is really good on strap detailing also choosing perfect movement to support real power reserve on some Portuguese models.

VR factory watches / VRF  / VR FACTORY

This factory is all of sudden come out from nowhere in the end of 2017 with perfection on some Rolex models, especially mastering on some real thick wrapped gold Rolex on Submariner Models. Far from those goldie things, We consider this factory as the best maker for Submariner 116610 LV especially on the green bezel color, this factory is spot on. However, VRF is not pointing their development into the movement looks, they keep it reliable with general movement such as A.2824 or 2836 instead of SA.3135.

V6F factory watches / V6F / V6 FACTORY / HBB / KW

Firstly known as HBB factory long time ago just because they made the first perfect replica for Hublot Big Bang models, in other words, this factory are mastering on Hublot Big Bang models. Since the competition is very tight on replica industry, This factory start changing their vision to make another models and brands instead of 1. In fact after couple years, this factory is probably the most brands and models producer among other factory. Well made Tag Heuer, Cartier, Tudor, Omega, Zenith, Sevenfriday, Dietrich, Panerai, Patek, Tudor, Chopard, and obviously Hublot. Some models are so perfect, but some are not developed quite a while.

MK factory watches / MKF / MK FACTORY / MKS

Specialized on some brands like IWC Schaffhausen ( Portofino and Pilot models ), Omega ( De Ville ), Patek (Nautilus Model), Longines, Breguet, A. Lange, and some Rolex (Cellini model). This factory was not quite aggressive toward the market, keep slow, keep low but they always make some good break thru after a while. When you looking for some IWC Portofino, you do not have many choices except to choose MKF.

SF factory Panerai watches / SF / S FACTORY

This factory is quite new in the market. First launched some Panerai model with super clone movement. It was shocking the market for a while, however other competitor keep up very well, and on the other hand S factory not making any development on their products. So far, I only knew Panerai model from this factory with really good quality.


By making the revolutionary movement for Omega Seamaster chronograph series, this factory has just popped out and lead the market on Omega replica watches. With fully function chronograph on Seamaster chronograph series, there is no doubt that this factory has already beat their competitor (JHF) that previously made this model. With this factory, now you can enjoy better Omega replica especially on Seamaster and Speedmaster chronograph series, with fully working independent minute and hour counter in one single sub dial.


Known as a maker of complication watches models, such as tourbillon, moonphase etc. T factory is successfully rule the market on some brands with tourbillon features such as  Audemars Piguet, Breguet, IWC, Cartier and hublot.

VS factory watches / VSF / VS FACTORY / V6F

“Rookie” factory is probably the one that i want to dedicate to this factory. VS factory launched some high quality Panerai which I think better compare to other factories. First time launching PAM 441 with random serial of clone movement, this factory start to be known as good factory. After successful with PAM441, this factory launched another models such as PAM 320 and PAM 312, these are another success. The most shocking fact is when VSF made the most revolutionary movement on Panerai PAM 213 with real split seconds features installed on that replica. The build is so perfect and the features is excellent.


When you talk about Germany watches such as Glashutte, you can’t go to other factory, you must go to this factory. Senator series as their flagship was successfully rules the market in 2016. They also make a good copy of breitling especially on Avenger models. GF also successfully selling a good replica of Cartier Drive model.


From nothing to something. This is the proper words for this Factory by their effort to get better replication. Start with IWC Portuguese 7 days models, this factory keep developing IWC Portuguese models. YLF is not the best factory for IWC Portuguese 7 Days models, but they made a breakthrough by making IWC Annual Calendar totally working well with the date, day, month and year features on the watch. Surprisingly, they made such complex watch with very affordable price. They are direct competition with ZF.


These factories are only some main factories known in replica watches industry. There are so many other factories around the market but I rather to put those 12 as the most famous one to make a great replica. The rest, I can named it like : AJ Factory, H Factory, AX factory are also in the industry, however i ll consider them as a small factory.

I hope this topic can help you guys to choose the best factory of the models or brands you want to choose. These factories have pro’s and con’s, have plus and minus. At the end, you can’t expect replica as perfect as genuine. There is big price gap in between. Replica will always have a flaws, and you must accept those flaws on replica.

Watch Education – Watch Movements – replicawatchpro

There are 3 types of watch movement

Manual Movement
Automatic Movement
Quartz Movement

Quartz – the movement causes the second hand to move in individual ticks. Mechanical – the movement will cause the second hand to move in a smooth sweeping motion. Automatic – kinetic energy from the wearer’s wrist is transferred automatically to drive the mechanism inside the watch.



ETA 2824-2 is a common automatic ETA movement and is found exclusively in replicas that need a standard dial as well as a date wheel. It has 28800bph – beats per hour. Often used in Rolex replica watches, Breitling  and TAG Heuer fakes.
ETA 2836-2 is just like the 2824-2, except that it has a day/date function. Watches with ETA 2836-2 movement include Rolex Day-Date, Datejust.

Asian 2824-2 or Clone Swiss ETA2836-2 – Copy  of the Swiss ETA movement. This is a more recent movement and it works like the 21j, except that it beats faster at 28800 bph and is more accurate too.

Swiss ETA 3135 Or 3255 – It is based on Swiss ETA2836 automatic movement. Adjusted to make it set the time forward which is the same as original and looks the same as original 3135 too. 25 Jewels at 28800 bph.


In our own experience these movements are absolutely dependable. We never experienced having one of these movements damaged during shipment.



Asian 21 Jewel Automatic Movement

This one has a reliability rating of 5/5 which obviously means it’s very reliable. Some people refer to it as the Mingzhu Automatic Rolex movement, while others call them ‘Japanese’ or DG2813 automatic movements. These versions are generally reliable and inexpensive compared to the ETA movements. It’s capable of 21600bph.  The Asian 21 Jewel movement often has a Chinese in origin and it is very dependable. Most of the replica Rolex watches are 21 Jewel Asian automatic movement.




BPH is short for beats per hour or some others call it VPH (Vibration Per Hour). A watch that has 28800 BPH ticks this means the balance wheel produces this many number of swings clockwise and counter-clockwise hourly. Every swing is a Tick and the number of swings per hour divided by 1 hour or 60 minutes and 60s will tell you just how smooth the seconds hand works.

Swiss Daytona 7750 Movement vs AR Factory 4130 movement vs Noob Factory 4130 Movement


This movement has subdials at 6, 9 and 12 that dictate the half hour counter, seconds, and 12 hour counter in that order. ETA 7750 movements are used in the high-end Rolex Daytona replicas with the cheaper Daytona copies using Asian clone movements. This movement has working 3-6-9 Sub-dials. If you want a Daytona replica with all the three sub dials working you have to have a genuine ETA7750 or an Asian clone of the 7750 movement in your replica watch – there is no way around it. Most of the Chronograph automatic movement watches are with 7750 movements. replica Rolex Daytona Swiss Grade watch (Weakness: Case diameter is thicker than original)

To avoid damaging the delicate mechanisms of the Valjoux 7750b1 movement you need to follow the instructions listed below to take care of it:

If your Valjoux 7750b1 has DATE function, DO NOT ADJUST the date when your time is between 10:00 to 3:00. It will damage the internal gears unknowingly if you do that. The BEST WAY is to manually adjust the time to 6:00 and then adjust the DATE after that.

If you are using the chronograph functions of the Valjoux 7750b1, always make sure that to start the stopwatch, you depress the pusher button on top and also to STOP the stopwatch, depress the same pusher button.

IMPORTANT HERE!!! Should I leave the stopwatch running or ?

NOT RECOMMEND! bad for the movt, increased wear. Why expose your watch to unnecessary, excessive wear? Also, the PR (power reserve) WILL drop by having the chronograph running all the time


ONLY after you STOP the stopwatch, then you depress the lower pusher button to RESET the stopwatch function. DO NOT DEPRESS the lower pusher button when the stopwatch function is running. ONLY Depress the lower pusher button after you STOP the chronograph.



The 4130 movement is thinner than the 7750. Noob 4130 closer to gen thickness. The 4130 is 6.5 mm, while the 7750 is 7.9 mm.

Rolex designed the Daytona’s new movement to have the seconds at 6 o’clock. This sets the Daytona apart and makes it harder to replicate. Rep factories would use gears to move the sub dial positions. Fortunately, for ARF they only moved one the 9 o’clock subdial to the 6 o’clock while leaving the other sub dials not functioning. (Weakness: Fake 3 and 9 o’clock Sub-dials).  Noob Factory has fully functional 3 subdials.

What is 21600bph and 28800 bph?

Do you know what is VPH or BPH?
VPH (Vibrations per hour)  and BPH (Beats per hour) is the same thing. VPH(Vibrations per hour) is a common notation for movements in watches today and can greatly help in deciding on the quality of a timepiece. I would share it with my fellows. Basically it breaks down to how many times a watch will tick in an hour, if you hold your mechanical watch to your ear and listen you should hear a rapid “tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick”, each of these ticks are what counts toward the VPH when calculating the frequency of the watch.
18,000 VPH or 2Hz (Classic manual wind movements)
19,800 VPH or 2.5Hz (Cheaper Chinese movements)
21,600 VPH or 3Hz (Lower frequency for automatics or manual wind)  – Most of the Japan Grade watches are 21600bph
28,800 VPH or 4Hz (Most common automatic movement, can also be speed of a manual-wind) – The best replica watch use Swiss ETA movement which is 28800bph. Original Tudor watches are 28800 bph.
36,000 VPH or 5Hz (Advanced movement, El Primero Zenith – in some Rolexes and TAG Heuers) – Not available in replica
43,200 VPH or 6Hz (Advanced movement, Audemars Piguet ChronoAP)  – Not available in replica
72,000 VPH or 10Hz (Advanced Automatic Movement Rate “Breguet Type XXII”)   – Not available in replica.

Replica Watches Buying Guide – Read before you Buy

Replica Watches Buying Guide – How do I decide which site to buy replica watches? If they are a legit site? -by

1, Be sure to check the pictures of the watches. Some site they list original watch images on the site, and no picture of the actual replica watch, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. Make sure the pictures on their site are actual pictures of the actual replica watch.

2, Ask them a question before you purchase a replica watch. Make sure someone replies with professional answer. First, you can make sure the site is active. Second, you know you are dealing with someone speaks English and professional about watches. If they do not answer you, they may do not know how to answer or even do not speak English. Make sure do not deal with someone that not professional, they can not help you if there is any problem with your watch in the future.

3, We have a lot of customers ask us, how do I know if the site is secure to buy? Actually it is very easy. As long as they take credit card payment, then you are protected. You can always contact your credit card company if you do not receive what you purchased. But be sure do not try to dispute a charge on a delivered product, because this will affect your bank credit. Try to communicate with seller first.

If all 3 matches, then you can order from them as long as you like their quality and price.

Please do not take the plastic off your replica watch when you received it. Check the quality and try it on first. Make sure everything is fine. If there is any problem, please contact us.